Our Philosophy

A lot of what we do at Bar Nonno involves wine, which stems from a long-standing family history of viticulture and winemaking… We think wine is pure and we understand it should be expressed correctly, having a “sense of place”.

We are proud to be wine growers & producers, making wines from different regions within Victoria.  This has also led us to be part of a growing family of grower / producers locally and internationally.  We’re very proud to show case these wines at Bar Nonno – Real Wines, sourced and imported from some of the finest wine regions and producers in the world.

What we look for in wines – Real wines, allowed to reveal their own personality, through a “sense of place” – a combination of variety, region, soil and climate.  Real wines that showcase terroir, the indelible imprint of the environment, are natural and free of artificial elements and interfaces.

The real winemaker is a caretaker, nurturing each wine, balancing artistic intuition with the knowledge of science.  Natural winemaking uses ‘old world’ tradition and ‘new world’ technology – experience and practicality; giving each wine on our list the freedom of self-expression.


Our nightly wine offering at Bar Nonno consists of a rotating handpicked selection of whites, reds and rosé that will be poured each evening. Let us know what you feel like or ask us what we are enjoying today! Fancy something more unique, ask us what primo wines we have cracked open!